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Client Portal Demo

As a Vision PEM Customer, you are able to access information and documentation relating to you Property 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days per week via our Client Portal.

You are able to:

  1. View / Download a list of your outstanding and past invoices.
  2. View / Download a statement of your account, with no limit on time / date range.
  3. Download copies of important documents relating to your Property, such as Insurance Certificates, Budget Summaries etc.
  4. Instantly see the status of you account.
  5. Stay up to date with news and information about your property via our news feed.

The videos below show you a brief demonstration of how our Portal works.  Press play on the appropriate video to see the system in action.  For best results, click the [] icon to play the videos in full screen mode.

Home Page and Invoice Overview

This Video shows a quick demo of the home page of the site. You are able to see:

  1. The login process.
  2. A quick review of the home page, showing an overview of an account, news feed and quick actions.

Statement Enquiry

This Video shows a how you can:

  1. Review an online statement, or download a PDF copy.
  2. Change dates to any previous month, quater or year.

Accessing Documents

Any documents that relate to your Property are uploaded to your area on our Client Portal.  You are able to dowload present and past documents, for as long as they are valid.

In addition, you will also be notified by email when a new doucment is published.

Some examples of the documents you will find here include:

  1. Insurance Documents
  2. Budget Summaries.
  3. Supplier Invoices.

Invoice Management

This video shows you how you can:

  1. Review outstanding invoices.
  2. Query past invoices.
  3. Download PDF Copies of your invoices.
  4. Pay you invoices.