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Free Help & Advice

We're here to help and offer free advice on any leasehold matters you need help with. For a more detailed response in relation to any leasehold matters, please Contact Us and one of our team will get in touch with you ASAP.

Here are some of the questions people frequently ask about property management.

What should I do if I want to sub-let my property? Why do I have to pay?

If you wish to sub-let your property, most leases state that you should obtain consent from the landlord and that the sub-tenant should enter into a 'direct deed of covenant' to ensure the sub-tenant complies with the general terms and regulations contained within the Lease.

In order to protect the other residents in the building and to comply with the terms of the Lease, references are required and the letting must be to a specific person.

You must pay reasonable solicitor's costs for the preparation and completion of the 'deed of covenant' and an administration cost to us for dealing with this matter. These fees are set out in the application form.

I own a freehold house, why do I have to pay Vision PEM?

We have been appointed by the freeholder to maintain any communal grounds such as, car parks or landscaped areas. Your transfer document will state your contribution contribute towards the maintenance of these areas.

I am going to sell my property before the year-end date on the invoice; do I still have to pay?

Yes. As the owner of the property when the invoice was issued, the full payment is due from.

You must request a receipt when you pay as your solicitor will need to obtain a refund from your purchaser, or a contribution to the cost you have incurred.

If you are completing a sale before the beginning of the invoice period, pass the invoice to your solicitor so that he or she becomes aware of it. For most sales, solicitors ask us if there are any payments outstanding. If you have not paid it is possible that this may hold up your sale.

The demand received is not in my name. Why? And what is my liability?

This usually occurs when a sale has taken place and your solicitor has not registered the notice of assignment with us as required by your lease. You should contact your solicitor immediately to ensure that the position is regularised. Registration is generally within 30 days from the date of completion.

Until registration has taken place, we are unable to amend the record relating to your property. However, as the owner, you are responsible for the charges and should pay these even though you may be resolving matters with your solicitor.

There is a leak into my property from the flat above, what should I do?

In the first instance, you should contact whoever lives in the flat above. Quite often, they are unaware of the fault and will rectify the problem straight away. if you have experience difficulty making contact with the offending flat, please contact us and we will happily contact the owner of the property advising them that there is a leak. Regrettably, Vision cannot carry out any repairs to pipe work falling within the responsibility of individual owners.

if any damage is caused to your property and you wish to make a claim on the block buildings insurance, please contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with the necessary information.

I have nuisance/noisy neighbours, what can I do?

Noise from TV's, stereos, party guests leaving the property and so on can be very frustrating, particularly late at night.

Persistent noise nuisance is best dealt with by your local councils Environmental Health Department who have the necessary powers to deal with this. Their involvement usually provides a speedy resolution.

You should also notify us of these incidents for our records.

Every leaseholder has the right to peaceful enjoyment of their property and failure to comply by others is a breach under the terms of the lease.

Why do I pay buildings insurance, I have my own policy?

Under the terms of most leases we insure the whole building, not your belongings and home contents. If your bank or building society requires you to insure through them, ask for a copy of the insurance summary details and current schedule and give this to them.

People are parking in my allocated bay, what can I do?

Regrettably Vision cannot protect a your individual parking space. If any vehicle parks upon it, the only person who can take action is you the leaseholder who owns that space. Please contact us for further information.

Can I have satellite TV?

Most leases carry a prohibition against any form of receiving equipment except communal receivers. If all residents wish to have a satellite service they should let us know in writing. At no time should individual dishes be affixed to the buildings or placed in the grounds.

What is the difference between freehold and leasehold?

If you purchase a freehold property, you will own the home and the land it is built on. There may however be a freehold company who owns the estate areas, such as communal car parking or garden areas. If you buy a leasehold property you are actually buying the rights to live in a property for a set period of time. You won't actually own the structure, or the grounds it is situated on. Most flats are leasehold.

Can I keep a pet? Is there a charge for this?

Some leases have an absolute ban on any pets, or certain specified animals. Other leases allow pets al long as consent is obtained beforehand. In these cases written consent is required.

So if wish to have a cat or dog, please write to us. In the case of a dog, we would normally require a photograph to ensure that it is a breed which is consistent with flat living. The written consent is given subject to what are termed 'good neighbour' conditions, details of which can be obtained from your property manager.

What is a 'Balancing Service Charge'?

There is often an adjustment to the service charge after the year end as it is unlikely that our estimate will equal the amount expended during the year.

This adjustment can be a credit if we over estimate or a debit if we under estimate however if we under estimate, an invoice will be sent to you for the balance due.

If we over estimate, the adjustment are credited to your account and can reduce future demands.

I was not living in my property for the period on the invoice; do I still have to pay?

As the current owner, you are now liable for making this payment. However, your solicitor should have made arrangements to cover this contingency, usually by keeping back a retention from the money owed to the person who sold the property to you. You should check this with your solicitor.

I need urgent emergency repairs . Can Vision PEM help?

In our capacity as managing agent, we are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the common parts of building structures, estate grounds and shared service installations. If an emergency situation occur during normal office hours, residents should contact us as quickly as possible.